Photography has always been more than work for me, it is a passion, always looking for a better image of a subject.

I am based in Belper, North of Derby. My central location is perfect for travel to all points of mainland UK, plus local access to Air Travel. My style is 'editorial', I do not shoot traditional Advertising/commercial images. I prefer where possible to use natural light or 'off camera flash'/small portable LED lighting.

I can in addition shoot short Video and edit in my video production software.

I entered the profession in 1976 working on a local daily paper – Learning my trade using B&W (good old Tri-X) photography/developing and printing my own work. Since then I have kept up with changes in the industry (I operated the first UK E6 transparency processing machines in the UK). For most of the 20th Century I used Canon SLR's and occasionally Mamiya medium format. Since entering the Digital age I have used Nikon, but always carry a small Fuji waterproof/underwater compact with me at ALL times. Working in the media from a young age I learnt never to leave home without a camera! Unlike many I never go into detail about my actual equipment for two reasons, Firstly it constantly evolves, and secondly IT is the image that counts NOT the equipment used.

I process my work in Lightroom, I do NOT use Photoshop, as I still believe it is what you shoot that counts. I am a Photographer NOT a digital Artist.


1970's: I got my first SLR, and worked for a daily newspaper as a darkroom technician/printer PLUS Freelance Photographer. I was one of the first in UK to get an Auto SLR (Canon AE-1) the shutter priority being critical as an editorial photographer. together with it's power drive, it was the staple of my photography for more than a decade, at one point i had 3!. During this period I have many images published my both local and national press. I also learnt colour processing and printing.

1980's I worked more as a freelance dipping my toe into commercial/wedding photography, but didn't really enjoy it as I prefer spontaneous, rather than posed images (i still prefer this today) I worked with many rock bands photographing live music and having work published in Music magazines and on album covers.

1990's Upgrading to a Canon EOS-5 brought a change in direction, taking travel and action images for the Corel Corporation (even selling New York images to the USA!) and work at various UK air shows,

2000's I changed from Canon to Nikon, as I finally moved into the world of DSLR, again this changed how I stored/edited images, (sadly I have lost many of my early work over the years due to degradation of negatives, and prints). Digital makes saving critical images to different backup locations so much better..

2010's steadily upgrading my camera equipment as digital technology improved I continued to mainly work as a part time stock agency photographer, now working with Adobe.

2020's I genuinely think I have probably got the perfect Nikon body for my work, of course we never know what is around the corner. I am now doing more editorial work again, as a member of the BAJ back in the fold of journalism. I want to go back to where my hear truly lies, Action, Sport, and News images...stay tuned.

I still accept commissions from events, and have online stores for selling event imagery. Contact me for details.

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